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The solution for heat insulation of the petrochemical ground flare

Flare system insulation: A huge amount of HC compounds is consumed by some chemical producing or refinery equipment in the process of oil refining or chemical industry producing, therefore some highly explosive materials, waste gases, emissions are released inevitably. In order to prevent fire or explosion accidents and ensure the the safety of the equipment and the personnel, the necessity of the ground flare system has been prioritized.
The ground flare systems can be divided into two types in term of brace frame: the elevated flare and the ground flare.
Insulation for ground flare burning system is also called ground flaring torch,which is a environmentally-friendly(efficiently emission enclosed) flaring system.
The elevated flare system mainly contains the control valve, the ground flare(Consisting of the flaring units、radiation blockers and protection walls), the auto-ignite system.
The maximum tolerable smoke temperature inside the torch up to 950 degree centigrade. The surface of the outside of torch require less than 100 degree centigrade.

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The installation of the ground flare vertically paved with refractory-fibers
Inside of the simplified flare is paved with light ceramic-fiber refractory material and adopt stainless steel wires that fixated by bolts. The oil paint on the outer surface can endure the temperature that higher than 200 degree.
There are stainless guide plate on the top of the flare,which is able to endure the corrosion of rain and smoke and keep the inside of the equipment dry and clean even in a wet whether.
Petrochemical flare and ground flare ceramic-fiber furnace linings deploy the composite structure of layer paving pattern plus stacking pattern.
Whole insulation thickness:180mm, 150mm standardized fiber module + 30mm(2 layers 20mm each)tiled blanket.
The raw materials for aluminium silicate furnace lining are 1260 type of ceramic fiber module and 1260 type of standard blanket.
The outer surface of the ground flare is painted with curing agent that has the ability of anti-erosion.
Two installation method: 1. vertical flaring aluminium silicate furnace linings: erect the scaffolds and install the ceramic-fiber module, high costs. 2. horizontal flaring aluminium silicate furnace linings:after the installation of the ceramic-fiber moduls and collapsible modules then elevate the flare.
ceramic fiber blanket,ceramic fiber product,thermal insulation
The insulation solution for reforming heating furnace
Catalytic reforming is a integral part of oil refinery has such main functions as improving the quality of the oil,reforming the heat released from the reaction,reforming the box-style furnace on the right side and the reformers. At present the most reformers are union reformers,the temperature inside of the furnace is approximately 210 degree, and the whole furnace temperature is about 900 degree.

Introduction to the insulation structure of the ceramic fiber furnace linings, taking the radiation parts of the side-flaring reformer as an instance.
The insulation on the top of the side flaring reformer’s radiation room:
The thickness of the clad: 280/300mm.
The structure of the clad: 250mm model 1400 ceramic fiber module plus 30/50mm model 1260 regular ceramic blanket.
The Grappling material: stainless steel
The insulation on waist up of the walls of the side flaring reformer.
The thickness of the clad: 250-270mm
The structure of the clad: 220mm modele 1400 ceramic fiber module plus 30/50mm model 1260 regular ceramic blanket.
The grappling material: s304 stainless steel.
The insulation on the waist down of the side walls of the reformer’s radiation room.
The thickness of the clad: 300mm
The structure of the clad: 250mm model 1400 ceramic fiber module plus 50mm modele 1260 regular ceramic fiber blanket.
The grappling materil: s310 stainless steel.
ceramic fiber blanket,ceramic fiber product,thermal insulation
Technical advantages
Chemical stability: Ceramic fibber has the chemical property of stability, anti-corrosion to acids,alkalies,water,oil and steams except for phosphoric acids,hydroelectric acid and some extremely powerful alkalies.
No need for baking furnace:no need for drying process for protecting,it’s ready for serve when the installation of furnace linings are finished. Saving time and costs.
Technology advantages:fiber blanket-like products adopt non-linings water cooling self-melting successive producing technology,double-sides needling formed method.long fiber,uniform diameters,high tensile strength. Fiber moduls,expansion rates are high,great heating stability.the full self-control heating disposal system can predict the changes of the fiber products then decrease the construction possibilities under extreme high temperature during the using process.

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