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Rock Wool’s Application in Power Plant
 As a new type of refractory insulation material, rock wool is gaining popularity in the market. Compared to ceramic fiber products, rock wool has an obvious price advantage, compared to glass wool, rock wool has great quality advantages, so the rock wool’s application market and prospects is getting better.

The following pictures show the rock wool’s application in power plant:
rock wool used in power plant
Why rock wool can be widely used in power plant large project? The following are main reasons:

rock wool used in power plant
Thermal insulation is an available energy-saving technology, but rock wool is the most economical material to reduce energy.

1. Non-flammable
The feature of rock wool: non-flammable and fire insulation, provides a more comprehensive protection to personnel, property and environment. The bearing temperature of rock wool is up to 1000℃, which can protect equipment to operate normally under high temperatures, and reduce downtime and maintenance time, improve production efficiency.

2. Hydrophobicity

The water repellent treatment technology of rock wool makes the insulation system keep away mildew in long-term humid environment, ensure the safety and durability of the system, and rock wool does not corrode the metal, does not promote the growth of fungi, molds and bacteria.

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