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Rock Wool Blanket Applied for Pipe Insulation
With the development of heating equipment, the insulation material market become larger and larger. Because the main structure of heating equipment is pipe insulation, which need abundant of insulation materials, especially rock wool blanket and other insulation refractory materials.

This is the rock wool blanket applied for pipe insulation.

Pipe Insulation

Rock wool blanket uses high-quality basalt as raw material whose melting point is above 1000 ºC and has good effects on heat insulation and sound absorption. It has good properties of fire resistance, pest proof, corrosion resistance, stable chemical property and free-asbestos and safe to human bodies. 
rock wool blanket

Small coefficient of heat conductivity and good capability of heating preservation.
Outstanding effect of energy-saving.
Excellent fireproof capability. Excellent sound absorption and sound insulation capability.
Green thermal insulation materials and no harm for body.
The folded rock wool board with certain compression resistance has greater drawing strength, and it does not tend to peel off and has excellent improved durability. 

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