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    Case Study
    Application of Ceramic Fiber Blanket in Railway Station
    Ceramic fiber blanket is worthy of promoting in the building material field of heat thermal insulation and noise reduction
    Construction of Rock Wool
    In the construction of power plants, the external wall insulation materials and boilers, tank insulation are selected rosewool rock wool board as insulation ma...
    Ceramic Fiber Blanket--The Project Transformation of Steel Ladle Insulation
    In February 2016, Rosewool Insulation Refractory Co.,Ltd. signed a long-term cooperation agreement in thermal energy conservation with a company in Jiangsu . In March 2016, when ceramic fiber blanket materials got preparation, Rosewool Insulation Refractory Co.,Ltd. began to conduct the iron ladle insulation and renovation project.
    Furnace insulation construction materials ceramic fiber blanket
    We have signed the project with hot-dip galvanizing company about the ceramic fiber furnace insulation . In this project , we used 400 mm ceramic fiber module ...
    Resistance furnace fire - resistant insulation construction project
    Resistance furnace operating temperature below 650 ℃ for the low temperature furnace; 650 ~ 1000 ℃ for the furnace; 1000 ℃ above the high temperature furnac...
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