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    Case Study
    Furnace windshield construction project-ceramic fiber board
    ROSEWOOL ceramic fiber board as a dome tunnel kiln fire wood use, it is tough texture, high compressive strength, with excellent high temperature (1200 ℃) performance and excellent support.Refractory bricks have always been the preferred choice for kiln windshields , but drawback is the high density, heavy weight, easy to fall off, the thermal conductivity of high heat loss is serious, also there is the risk of collapse kiln. So we chose a light weight, easy construction of ceramic fiber board .
    ceramic fiber module construction case
    The furnace plate rust to the module bolts welded to the furnace wall board to remove the module to the module guide rod screwed to the screw on the small ...
    Construction of trolley furnace lining - ceramic fiber module
    Trolley furnace is the national standard energy-saving cycle-type work furnace, super energy-saving structure, the use of ceramic fiber insulation. In the ...
    Pit furnace installation materials - ceramic fiber module
    The choice of ceramic fiber module is the long-term operating temperature, pit furnace operating temperature is above 1000 degrees Celsius. About the installa...
    Japan ceramic fiber module construction installation
    Japan ceramic fiber module construction installation. The material selection of the lining material should be considered in consideration of the conditions of ...
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