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High Fireproof Insulation Glasswool Blanket Insulation
Posted by:rosewool    Date:31.Jul.2017

high fireproof insulation glasswool blanket insulation

Product Description of glasswool blanket insulation

Glass wool is non combustible, thermal and acoustic insulation. There is no emission of toxic gases when exposed to fire and thus is one of the most Eco friendly options in insulation of entire building services.

Glass wool board  Spec Supply Scope
glasswool,fireproof insulation,rosewool,glasswool blanket insulation Temperature  -120℃-400℃
Dimension 1.2m*0.6m, 1.2m*1.2m, 1.2m*2.4m
Thickness  25-100mm
Density  24-96kg/m3
Glass Wool Blanket Spec  Supply Scope
glasswool,fireproof insulation,rosewool,glasswool blanket insulation Temperature -120-400℃
Length  5-30m
Width 0.4m-1.2m
Thickness  25-200mm
Density  14-48kg/m3

Data of glasswool blanket insulation


Item Unit Index Measured value Remarks
bulk density kg/m3 24-100 24-100 GB/T 13350-2000
average diameter of fibers m < 8.0 4.0-6.0 GB/T 13350-2000
moisture resistivity % > 98 > 98 JISA9512-2000
thermal conductivity W/m.k 0.036 0.036 GB/T 13350-2000
incombustibility   incombustible up to standard (Grade A) GB/T 13350-2000
sound absorption coefficient     1.03product reverberation positioning 24kg/m3 2000HZ GB/J47-83
Max. working temperature 400 410 GB/T 13350-2000

Character of glasswool blanket insulation

1). Long and thin glass fiber is good for thermal insulation and sound absorbing.

2). Excellent rebound degree can be up to 99.2%.when unpacked in 24 hours.
3). Grade A1 incombustible materials.
4). Low moisture absorption; stable physical properties.
5). Easy for construction; cutting at will.


glasswool,fireproof insulation,rosewool,glasswool blanket insulation

Glass wool board has the excellent specialty of light weight,that is widely used in building as thermal insulation and sound absorption material
 .glasswool,fireproof insulation,rosewool,glasswool blanket insulation
Packing & Shipping of glasswool blanket insulation


1. shipping & packing details will according to clients' requirem ents to design.

2. Before delivery, we will have three inspection lines: A,Check B,Test C,Inspect ,taking photos for you .

3. Our common exporting package is made of five layers of corrugated paper, it is suited to long-distance shipments


Certification of glasswool blanket insulation 

Our products have passed the ISO9000 certificati on, CE certification, all products are in accordance&nb sp;with ISO9000:2000 quality management.Our diversity of pro ducts, to meet all kinds of consumer demand.

glasswool,fireproof insulation,rosewool,glasswool blanket insulation



We are zhengzhou JinDing thermal insulation material factory specializing in the  researching, developing and manufacturing, has more than 60 years of production experience.

 1.  1 national R&D institution: Peking University has close relations of cooperation laboratory in product development and technology with us

 2.  4 kinds :               Our product range: ceramic fiber products (blanket, paper, board, module,also special shape), rock wool , glass wool , calcium silicate board. 

 3.   5 certificate:       ISO900, CE, SGS, TUV, BV, etc.

 4.   23 years :            Our export experience more than 23 years.

 5.   150,000 m2 :      Our factory total areas.
Our value is: To the quality strives for the survival,
                       Energy saving cause parallel  



glasswool,fireproof insulation,rosewool,glasswool blanket insulation


glasswool,fireproof insulation,rosewool,glasswool blanket insulation

 laboratory of glass wool 

glasswool,fireproof insulation,rosewool,glasswool blanket insulation

Our products are well received by the world. Welcome to pay a visit to our factory. 
glasswool,fireproof insulation,rosewool,glasswool blanket insulation
glasswool,fireproof insulation,rosewool,glasswool blanket insulation
1. Timely response : to your inquiry in 24 hours,  quickly respond mails and provide solutions.

2. Free sample :Sample and trial order are accepted for the quality evaluation.

3. Shorter delivery time : Book the earliest vessel or plane to guarantee the delivery time.

4. Professional Services : Provide high or cold temperature solutions and professionals installation and technology services for you 

1.Are you a trader or manufacturer?
We are manufacturer, we have own factory.

2.Can you accept OEM or ODM?
Of course, Logo is also acceptable.

3.What is the delivery time?
About 10-20 days after the contract signing.

4.What is your payment methods?
T/T L/C D/P Paypal West Union and others .
5. Do you have warehouses abroad ?
Yes, we have , both in Europe and Middle East. Others is planing.
Contact us


If you have any question , please contact us any time.

 Welcome your kindly inquiry on our high quality products.

Happy to set a good cooperation with you, Thank you!

glasswool,fireproof insulation,rosewool,glasswool blanket insulation

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