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  • High Density Calcium Silicate Board
  • High Density Calcium Silicate Board
  • High Density Calcium Silicate Board
High Density Calcium Silicate Board
Density: >500kg/m³ Customization Accepted
Raw materials: Quartz sand
Thickness: 25-100mm and 10mm(High Density)
Asbestos: 100% Non Asbestos
Function: Thermal insulation, fire proof
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Technical Data
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There are generally two common types of high-density calcium silicate boards: glass fiber calcium silicate board (common type) and carbon fiber calcium silicate board (high temperature type), both of which have high compressive strength and a density above 800, but the specific The density can be customized according to customer requirements. N-14 is a glass fiber high-density calcium silicate board, and N-17 is a carbon fiber high-density calcium silicate board. The glass fiber high-density calcium silicate board is the common type in the high-density calcium silicate board, and the carbon fiber is the high-temperature type, which has better thermal shock resistance.
In addition, we also supply other types of calcium silicate boards:
1. Calcium silicate board with a density of 300 is used in the electrolytic aluminum industry;
2. Ordinary calcium silicate board with a density of 220, used in cement plants;
3. Low-temperature microporous calcium silicate board and calcium silicate shell with a density of 220 and 650 degrees are used for heat pipes, oil pipes, and steam pipes.

1. Peripheral walls. Mainly urban multi-storey buildings and high-rise buildings.
2. Sound insulation walls, sound absorption walls, sound reflection walls, and sound insulation barriers of high-speed railways.
3. Passive fire protection. Corresponding to these active fire protection facilities such as fire extinguishers and automatic sprinkler systems, they are non-combustible, high temperature resistant, and high heat resistant, and appear in the form of partition walls, ceilings, air ducts, smoke pipes, doors, and coverings for partition walls.
4. Flat and pitched roofs. It can be used not only as a light-weight thermal insulation and waterproof flat roof system, but also as a small flat roof system with various plane shapes, and as a superimposed form of lightweight thermal insulation and waterproof (non-airtight) sloping roof system.
5. Partition wall. There are two types: one is occasions with low traffic density, such as various partition walls in houses, office partition walls, hotel room partition walls, etc. The other is the partition wall for places with high crowd density, such as the partition wall of shopping malls, corridors, party schools, theaters, various waiting cars, airplanes, ships, hospitals and other halls and rooms.
6. Ceiling. There are two types: one is the suspended ceiling in dry places, such as living rooms and bedrooms in houses, offices and corridors in public places, lobbies and rooms in hotels, waiting rooms in railway stations, waiting halls, waiting halls, lounges in performance places, etc. . The other is the suspended ceiling in wet places, such as residential toilets, kitchens, public toilets, bathrooms, canteens, etc.
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