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Ceramic Fiber Paper
Density: 200-250 kg/m³ (13-16 lb/ft³)
Raw materials: Ceramic Fiber Bulk
Thickness: 0.5-6 mm
Asbestos: 100% Non Asbestos
Function: Refractory & Heat Insulation & Sealing
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Technical Data
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Blending with high quality ceramic fibers and binders, additives, ROSEWOOL ceramic fiber paper is proved to be a flexible and uniform sheet in handing heat treatment. Our paper has a highly uniform structure due to its well-controlled weight and thickness, assuring homogeneous thermal conductivity and a clean,smooth surface.    
Products Features:
Easy to cut, wrap or form
Low thermal conductivity and heat storage
Excellent thermal shock and flame resistance
Light weight
Excellent hydrophobic property
Good dielectric strength
Free of asbestos
Common Ceramic Fiber Paper Specifications:

Classification Temperature 1260℃
Bulk density (kg/m3) 200-250
(13-16 lb/ft3)
Organic content(%) 6-8
Thermal conductivity(w/m.k)   0.075-0.085 (200℃ /392℉)
  0.115-0.121 (400℃/752℉)
   0.165-0.175 (600℃/1112℉)
Moisture Content(%) ≤1 ≤2
Chemical composition
Al2O3 45-46 38-47
SiO2 51-52 51-52
ZrO2   15-17
Size(mm) 100000*610/1220*0.5(24′/48′ width)
60000*610/1220*1(24′/48′ width)
30000*610/1220*2(24′/48′ width)
20000*610/1220*3(24′/48′ width)
15000*610/1220*4(24′/48′ width)
12000*610/1220*5(24′/48′ width)
10000*610/1220*6(24′/48′ width)
Packing By Carton with plastic bag
1. Asbestos paper replacement

2. Investment cast mold wrap insulation

3. One-time consumable insulating applications

4. Back-up lining for metal troughs

5. Hot top lining

6. Applications where low binder content is required

7. Thermal and electrical insulation

8. Upgrade for fiber glass paper and blanket products
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