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    Temperature Controlled Packaging
    Posted by:rosewool    Date:22.Jun.2017
    Temperature Controlled Packaging Insulation Solutions

    Our business of ROSEWOOL Materials makes advanced ceramic materials, products and systems for thermal insulation in a wide range of temperature environments. Our insulation products are used in temperature-controlled packaging to protect vulnerable contents from extreme temperature variations.
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    Our Vacuum Insulation Panels offer effective insulation across a wide temperature range (-50°C and 80°C). They help transporters of delicate goods that require a stable temperature environment, such as valuable medical supplies, dangerous substances and some food products, to meet the requisite regulations for packaging for air transport. They also provide a solution for effective temperature-controlled packaging for storage.

    Ceramic fiber panels are made from a kind of microporous material that is easy to machine to size and shape for efficient installation, even in awkward spaces. It is available with a range of barrier films and coatings for reliable insulation even in the prolonged presence of condensed moisture.

    With manufacturing facilities and sales offices in more than 10 districts, we are able to offer temperature controlled packaging insulation materials anywhere round the world. Contact us for more information.

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