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  • Glass fiber mesh
  • Glass fiber mesh
  • Glass fiber mesh
Glass fiber mesh
Density: 160 g/㎡
Roll size: Width 1m Length 100m
Packing: Dia of roll: 24cm, 100m2/roll, 16 rolls/pallet 1x1m
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Technical Data
Glass fiber mesh for exterior wall, fix together with the basecoat, to form of reinforcement layer.
Our golden pot mesh is made of the alkali free or medium alkali glass balls by high-temperature wire drawing with platinum equipment. It has the characteristics of strong toughness, good tensile strength, outstanding alkali resistance, strong resistance to temperature and humidity changes, excellent crack resistance and impermeability, and extremely high elastic modulus, impact resistance, tensile strength and bending strength.
Name Density Roll size Packing
Golden pot mesh 160 g/㎡ Width 1m Length 100m Dia of roll: 24cm, 100m2/roll, 16 rolls/pallet 1x1m
The product has high strength, good alkali resistance and plays an important structural role in the insulation system, mainly preventing the generation of cracks.
Due to its excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance and other chemical properties, as well as high tensile strength in longitude and latitude.

It can make the stress of the external wall insulation system evenly dispersed, avoid the deformation of the whole insulation structure caused by the collision and extrusion of external impulse, and make the insulation layer have high impact resistance strength, and easy to construction and quality control, so as to play the role of "soft reinforcement" in the insulation system.

Glass fiber mesh is widely used in:

1) Wall reinforcement materials (such as glass fiber wall mesh cloth, GRC wallboard, EPS inner and outer wall insulation board, gypsum board, etc.
2) Reinforced cement products (such as Roman Columns, flue, etc.).
3) Granite, Mosaic special network pieces, marble back paste net.
4) Waterproof rolling cloth, asphalt roofing waterproof.
5) To strengthen the skeleton materials of plastic and rubber products.
6) Fire prevention board.
7) Geogrids for highway pavements.
8) Make grinding wheel base cloth;
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