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    Posted by:rosewool    Date:23.Jun.2017
    High Temperature Fibre Insulation Solutions for Power Generation

        In the improving process of fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, our various range of thermal insulation products repeatedly proved that those application require material solutions that are chemical , high temperature and abrasion resistance and anti-corrosion, our high temperature thermal insulation products of Rosewool® have challenges those material solutions more than 50 years.
    insulating castable,thermal insulation fibres ,high temperature products
        Our application engineers are skilled at providing the various range of Rosewool® fiber to our cooperated leading Power Generation OEMs, such as insulating firebrick, castable and micro-pore products, those of which improve productivity and efficiency of processes by energy saving and reducing emissions and operating costs.

    The solution we provide as follows:

    Thermal insulation fibers such as blankets, boards, papers, modules and so on, which are used in field of heat recover steam generator ,fuel cells and energy storage walls, high zirconium modules are the preferred solution for heat recover steam generator and door insulation in package boilers.

    The excellent property of insulating and fiber and micro -pore structure of fiber Thermal Ceramic products provide additional advantages of fireproof properties.

    Our core strength is our ability to cooperate with you and to design and identify the solution for you(your)challenge, based on our materials and applications expertise to design, establish and execute the optimum and reliable thermal solutions.

    Our manufacturing equipment and sales offices has been established in many countries, we can offer the best system for power generators. No matter where you are, if you want more information, please contact us.

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