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    Posted by:rosewool    Date:23.Jun.2017
    High Temperature Fibre Insulation Solutions for Aerospace

    Our bussiness of ROSEWOOL Materials provides high temperature fibre, refractory and microporous insulation products and systems for thermal management in extreme environments. Our engineered solutions are used across the aerospace sector because of their ability to meet stringent performance, temperature and weight specifications.
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    For operational and safety reasons, the aerospace sector is one of the most demanding in terms of performance and reliability. Our high temperature thermal management fibres, and microporous products are routinely chosen to fulfill critical applications in commercial and defence aircraft such as insulation for engine and exhaust systems, hydraulic, fuel and oil lines, instrumentation and de-icing equipment. Our core strength is our ability to get to grips with individual customer chanllengess, using our materials and our applications expertise to design and manufacture optimum, engineered, reliable thermal management solutions.

    For example, our microporous insulation products are used widely in the aerospace market. Available in custom solutions of flexible or panel systems, they offer exceptional thermal efficiency, high compressive strength, low weight and low shrinkage at high temperatures.

    Our aerospace applications team will work with you to engineer and supply the most appropriate thermal insulation solution for your project, anywhere round the world. To discuss your application requirements, contact us today.

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