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High Fireproof Insulation Glasswool Blanket Insulation
Glass wool is non combustible, thermal and acoustic insulation. There is no emission of toxic gases when exposed to fire and thus is one of the most Eco friendly options in insulation of entire building services.
Foil Faced Insulation Cellulose Insulation Rock Wool
Rockwool is high strength board, used high quality basalt as main raw material , with three dimensional method advanced production technology,added a few binding agent, shaped by thermal curing.
Refractory Material High Temperature Ceramic Fiber Block
Rosewool ceramic fiber folded module are made from compressed ceramic fiber blanket . These modules are specially designed to meet the thermal insulation requirements of industrial furnace in some special thermal conditions.Ceramic fiber modules are produced with various anchoring systems to enable quick ,easy and efficient installation in most furnace linings.
Fireproof Material Fireplace Mantels Cotton Ceramic Fiber Paper
Ceramic fiber paper also named ,fireproof paper, manufactured from high purity ceramic fiber cotton with a small amount of organic binder which will completed burnt out during using process.
New Best Selling Kaowool Fireproofing Insulation Ceramic Fiber Board
Rosewool high quality stonewool board are refractory and insulation material, take ceramic fiber as the main raw materials, after fiber processing, slag removing, then add some binder, through vacuum forming process and drying process, to be made into high strength fiber board.
Lowes Fire Proof Kaowool Silica Insulation Material 1260c Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Ceramic fiber blanket ,also named as fire resistant blanket ,is one of the main insulation product. It is mainly used in the furnace for heat insulation and thermal insulation in 1100℃-1600℃ (2012℉-2912℉). Through by blowing and spinning techniques ,these products have superior insulation performance, excellent flexibility.
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