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    Ceramics and Glass
    Posted by:rosewool    Date:23.Jun.2017
    High Temperature Fibre Insulation Solutions for Ceramics and Glass

    Our business of ROSEWOOL Materials provides high temperature fibre, refractory and microporous insulation products and systems for thermal management in critical high temperature environments. Our engineered solutions are used extensively in the production of ceramics and glassware, helping to improve productivity and process efficiency by reducing energy consumption, emissions and operating costs.
    ceramic products,high temperature fibre,thermal lining material
    More than 1000 kilns around the world firing ceramic products such as tiles, whitewares and sanitary ware are lined with our ROSEWOOL insulation materials.

    We make insulating firebricks under standard and custom shapes. They are used widely in roller kilns, shuttle kilns, tunnel kilns and hobby kilns, because they are strong and offer outstanding insulating values across the temperature range. Our ceramic fiber product is also used as an economical and efficient thermal lining material in ceramic firing kilns, particularly those with unusual shapes to be accommodated.

    For more demanding applications our ceramic fiber products are ideal because they offer exceptional performance-to-weight ratio and are resistant to wetting and chemical attack. High zirconium ceramic fiber is the only low bio-persistence fibre available with a classification temperature of 1300°C.

    We use our expertise to engineer and install reliable thermal solutions that help to maintain optimal firing conditions inside the kiln, for better productivity, efficient use of energy and longer kiln life. We have manufacturing facilities and sales offices in more than 10 districts and advise on specific requirements for your ceramic or glass firing process. Contact our applications team for more information.

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