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Mineral Wool Insulation Waterproof Rock Wool for Marine
Rock wool board insulation is made of select fine basalt as the major materials which is pulled into 4-7µ non-continuous fibers after melted by adopting advanced international four-roller centrifugal cotton-making procedures and adding a certain of adhesives, dust laying oil and water repellent into rock wool fibers.
Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Ceramic fiber blanket Color white, size regular, set fire-resistant, heat insulation, thermal insulation in one.Do not contain any binder.Under neutral, oxidizing atmosphere when long-term use can still maintain good tensile strength, toughness and fiber structure.Heat resistance is 950-1400 ℃.
Ceramic Fiber Board
ceramic fiber board (aluminum silicate fiber board) is a superior ceramic fiber cotton as raw materials, goods dried by vacuum forming method of drying and machining.Product quality of a material is solid, good toughness and strength has excellent ability to resist wind erosion.Add not expansion, qualitative light, construction is convenient, can be arbitrary bending shear, are ideal of kiln, pipe and other insulation equipment energy-saving materials.
Ceramic Fiber Paper
Ceramic fiber paper is made from high purity of ceramic fiber, used for the field of high temperature insulation, to advanced technology makes the fiber distribution is very uniform, the thickness of the paper and the volume density could be strictly controlled.
Ceramic Fiber Module
Ceramic fiber module is to simplify and speed up the construction, improve the lining integrity and launch of a new type of refractory lining products.
Non-asbestos High Temperature Calcium Silicate Products
Non-asbestos high temperature calcium silicate products are calcium silicate hydrates of the highest heat resistance temperature of xonotlite in and reinforcing fiber, its highest use temperature 1050 ℃, can be widely used in metallurgy, building materials, petroleum, chemical, mechanical, electrical, light industry and other industrial kiln.
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