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    CERI Company Come to Rosewool to Examine Cargo
    Posted by:Yolanda     Date:13.Apr.2019
     Last week, the employees from CERI company went to Rosewool’s factory to examine their ceramic fiber blankets cargo.

    CERI is examining Rosewool ceramic fiber blanket

    After examining the ceramic fiber blankets sample, the employees gave great praise to Rosewool’s products and service.

    CERI have a long time cooperation with Rosewool, this is also a good feedback for Rosewool’s products.

    Rosewool’s main products are: rock wool products, ceramic fiber products, glass wool products, calcium silicate products and other insulation materials

    Rosewool is looking forward to offering the same high quality refractory and thermal insulation material to the customer all over the world. Welcome to contact Rosewool.
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