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    Rosewool Win Big Project of Rock Wool Board from Argentina
    Posted by:Yolanda     Date:16.Aug.2019
    Early this month, Rosewool insulation win big project from Argentina about rock wool board, 25mm thick and 50mm thick, 100 density, as sound insulation purpose.


    Rock wool board is made from basalt and other natural ores by melting into fibers at high temperature, adding appropriate binder and solidifying. It is widely used in ship, metallurgy, electric power, construction and other industries. It has good insulation and sound insulation effect.

    With the improvement of people's overall living standard, the external wall insulation system becomes more and more important in people's daily life, and plays a more and more important role. Therefore, people begin to require higher and higher insulation materials for external walls.

    Rockwool insulation board is a kind of insulation material used in building insulation industry only from its name, but most people don't know that besides having good thermal insulation and fire protection effect, rock wool insulation board has sound insulation effect which is also worth mentioning. Rockwool insulation board plays an important role in residential buildings.

    Rosewool rock wool board already export to every country of south America. As lack of manufacturer, the customer from South America firstly choose buy from China. As a leader manufacturer of thermal insulation material, we wish we can get more and more chance to cooperate with South America customer.
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