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    Glass Wool for Chile Customers
    Posted by:Yolanda     Date:29.Dec.2018
    In 2018/09/03, Rosewool exported 48 volumes of glass wool, 10 cm thickness, from Qatar to Chile. After knowing the final parameters of our products from customer, Rosewool’s factory had produced the glass wool product immediately. It takes 5 working days to finish the production of all the customers' products.


    After the goods have been produced, the next step is delivery. Customers have a special requirement to purchase a 40-foot container in China and ship it to Chile together with the goods. With years of industry experience, Rosewool still has a fairly good understanding of this process. By communicating with freight forwarders, everything went smoothly from buying boxes, delivering goods to getting on board, and customs declaration and shipment were completed in mid-September.

    In the course of shipping, the sale manager of Rosewool keeps close contact with customers in case of emergencies, even if Rosewool update the transportation status. As usual, the goods arrive at the port on time, and the customers are very happy, because the customers need to use glass wool in early December, while the glass wool products arrive at the port one month in advance.

    When the goods arrive at the port, the customer clears and picks up the goods. In this process, the customer is provided with the customs clearance documents he needs to ensure the smooth clearance of customers.

    In the next period of time, Rosewool continues to track the customer about the use of products, whether the products are satisfied or not, customers have given positive feedback. Customers are using the glass wool products in wall construction to keep warm and reduce noise, plus Rosewool’s glass wool products are tough and easy to install, so half of the construction is appreciated by customers.

    Because of the customer's recognition and satisfaction with our products, customers are ready to purchase again after Christmas, and Rosewool usually keep in touch with each other to provide some technical and construction schemes for the customer. Rosewool looks forward to serving the customers next time.

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