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    Rosewool Calcium Silicate Board
    Posted by:Yolanda     Date:11.Oct.2019
    Without a kind of thermal insulation material, the cement industry cannot start production. This kind of insulation material is high temperature resistant calcium silicate board. The high temperature resistant calcium silicate board is mainly used in the cement industry: kiln head cover, chiller, tertiary air duct, decomposition furnace, preheating Device.

    ROSEWOOL calcium-silicate-board

    The use of high temperature resistant calcium silicate board in the cement industry preheater can reduce heat loss, save fuel and reduce power consumption. The high-temperature resistant calcium-calcium board can withstand a high temperature of 1050 degrees Celsius, correspondingly requires a thin thickness and a light weight, which can reduce the weight of the preheater cylinder, thereby improving the phenomenon of overweight and overload of the preheater. The high-temperature resistant calcium silicate board is flexible and can be used as a refractory brick insulation layer or as a thermal insulation layer. The thickness of the calcium silicate board is large, easy to use, and easy to cut, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves the construction speed.

    Rosewool high temperature resistant calcium silicate board performance characteristics:
    1. Excellent fire resistance, can withstand the continuous thermal load in the temperature range.
    2. Low thermal conductivity, because the product has a porosity of more than 90%, it has unmatched thermal insulation performance over the entire operating temperature range.
    3. The specific strength is high, and its specific strength (compressive strength/capacity) is higher in the hard insulation products.
    4. Good durability, no long-term use of ceramic fiber felt similar to the phenomenon of powdering and adiabatic decline.
    5. The construction adaptability, with ordinary woodworking tools can be cut into other shapes. It can also be firmly bonded to other components.
    6. The use of safe, sanitary, free of asbestos, sulfur, chlorine and other toxic substances. It is non-combustible at high temperature, smokeless and odorless, and has a corrosion-resistant effect on steel.
    7. Not afraid of water and wet (Rosewool special waterproofing agent), the performance of the products after drying is still.
    8. Can replace other insulating bricks and occupy an important position in industrial furnace insulation.
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