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    ROSEWOOL Calcium Silicate Board Exported To Philippines
    Posted by:    Date:16.Oct.2023
    In May 2023, a Philippine customer sent us an inquiry: Hello, we are a service provider in the Philippines and are currently looking for reputable partners for calcium silicate insulation materials. Are you interested in providing our services? Does the project provide products and services?
    Our business manager, Ms. Nelly, after five months of follow-up, in October 2023, after confirming the quotation and various details with the customer, she received the customer's order. The customer's order amount totaled 120,000 yuan, this is a big insulation project. We are very confident in the quality of our products. Maybe it is our confidence that makes customers feel the guarantee of the quality of our high-quality products. Maybe it is our Miss Nelly's service that leaves a good impression on customers, which in turn promotes 5 For orders placed after 3 months, no matter what happens, thank you for your trust. ROSEWOOL will protect your projects with high-quality product quality and 100% service!
    ROSEWOOL Calcium Silicate Board Exported To Philippines
    Of course, in addition to the Philippines, we have recently dealt with customers from Thailand, India, Turkey, Ghana and Japan. We mainly supply four major categories of products: ceramic fiber, rock wool, glass wool, and calcium silicate boards, which are mainly used in construction. Thermal insulation, industrial kilns, high-temperature pipelines, etc. Friends from all over the world are welcome to inquire with us, and you will receive our reply within 6 hours!
    Have a great day!
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