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    Rosewool Ceramic Fiber Blanket to UAE
    Posted by:Yolanda    Date:26.Apr.2020
    Congratulations to Rosewool got ceramic fiber blanket order from UAE regular customer.

    Rosewool ceramic fiber blanket to UAR

    The specification as following: 1260C degree, working temperature is 1050C. 128kg/m3, 25mm thickness and 7200m length, 610mm width.

    The customers are from a trading company, their main customer used ceramic fiber blanket in industrial furnace liner thermal insulation. Rosewool has cooperated with the customer more than 2 years.

    As this special period, the customer still choose to keep regular order with us, that is Rosewool’s great honor. Thanks for every customers’ support.

    Wish more business in the future.

    Quality is first, with good service and competitive price, Rosewool is here waiting for you.

    Welcome to send your inquiry to the email:  Or contact Rosewool in Whatsapp: +86 157 3687 4807 

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