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    A Picture Shows the Work Flow of Rock Wool
    Posted by:Yolanda     Date:06.Feb.2018
    rock wool work flow
    Raw materials of rock wool is basalt, dolomite and coke, feeding through the forklift, according to set parameters automatically transferred to the corresponding raw material warehouse. Okara raw materials in accordance with the formula set by the central control room, automatic weighing system through automatic weighing, and then through the belt into the cupola in batches. Raw materials into the cupola, the oxygen-rich air through the cupola into the cupola. Coke combustion to release heat, the maximum temperature in the furnace to 1500 ℃ above. Basalt and dolomite gradually melt to form a thick melt. The melt flows out through the siphon mouth on the side of the cupola. After the adjusted rotor falls on the drum of the centrifuge, the viscous melt falls on the four high-speed rotating drums through the rotor. After a strong centrifugal force in the melt under the action of thrown by the roller 3-5 micron diameter fuse.

    A circular air ring around the drum of the centrifuge blows away from the wind system. The strong winds and air currents are blown out by the wind rings. The fuse rapidly cools down into solid fibers and blows away the drum. At the same time, a good phenolic resin, water repellent, dust-proof oil and the like are ejected from the nozzles around the centrifuge drum through the spray system. The fibers are uniformly sprayed onto the surface of the filaments, and the fibers of the wind system blown through the centrifuge fall on the seams of the lap barrel through the product cotton room. The cotton lap cylinder, its axial rotation, the lateral grid , The center of the induced draft system forms a negative pressure. As the district cotton reel rotation, the fibers are constantly negative pressure adsorption in the grille side, forming a blanket.

    Once the blanket cylinder rotates to the other side, the grill behind the air knife will be drummed away from the drumhead, and as the horizontal belt oscillates to the pendulum swing to achieve a certain amount and thickness of the conveyor belt into the pleating machine, Pressure to improve the tensile strength of rock wool board, and then sent to the curing oven for curing molding, rock wool board cooling from the cooling oven to the cutting system to cut, cut the finished product sheet palletizer stack, sent to the packaging system for shrink packaging , Qualified products, and finally checked to the warehouse by forklift.
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