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    How to Deal with the Waterlogged Rock Wool
    Posted by:Yolanda     Date:19.Jul.2019
    Rock wool, generally refers to rock wool board, mainly used for building insulation. Due to its good thermal insulation properties, the demand is large. The rock wool board itself has the adsorption property of water. When it enters the water in rainy days or other reasons, the heat preservation effect must be greatly reduced. So how do you deal with the waterlogged rock wool?

    waterlogged rock wool

    Air drying:
    If rock wool has less water intake, it may be surface water intake. Because rock wool has been treated with hydrophobic water, it can be wetted unless it takes a long time + a lot of water. If slightly wetted, high temperature in summer can be naturally air-dried. Although rock wool absorbs water quickly and volatilizes slowly, it will also volatilize, after all, water is not much.

    If rock wool has a little more water, it will affect its use. However, it is really necessary to use drying to accelerate the evaporation of water. (The water remains in the rock wool for a long time, the thermal insulation of the rock wool will be destroyed, so the water should be dried quickly before it can be used; and the amount should not be too large)

    Throw away:
    If there is a lot of water, the insulation effect can be said to be gone, throw it.

    Notes for preservation of rock wool:

    Take shelter from rain:
    Rock wool itself has water absorption, although the application of hydrophobic agent, but still can not guarantee complete non-absorption. So be sure to use / save it in the rain.

    Water-repellent preservation:
    If rock wool is not used for a long time, it must be smeared with silicone hydrophobic water treatment, otherwise the moisture in the air will enter.

    Moisture-proof use:
    Corresponding to the above is moisture-proof, after all, built into the house wall, will always be damp, so in the rock wool layer outside the moisture-proof treatment.

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