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    How to Select Suitable Rock Wool Board
    Posted by:Yolanda     Date:04.Jul.2018
    rock wool board

    When buying rock wool board, the first thing you need to pay attention is the price. The price variance of rock wool board in the market is not too big. If you find that the rock wool board you want to buy is far from the market price, you have to be careful.

    The second thing you need to pay attention is the size of rock wool board. The normal size of rock wool is 1200mm*600mm. If you the size you choose is so unconventional, please pay more attention.

    The third thing you need to pay attention is the thickness and density if rock wool board. It is a wrong idea that the lighter the rock wool, the cheaper the price. The price of rock wool board is mainly influenced by density and the application detail.

    The last thing you need to pay attention is the reputation of the manufacturer. The manufacturer with good reputation always has high quality products. However, now because of the environmental protection policy, the price of rock wool is changing.

    If you need to get more information about rock wool, welcome to contact Rosewool.

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