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    Rock Wool Board Installation Method
    Posted by:Yolanda     Date:06.Jun.2018
    rock wool board

    The lay-ups methods of rock wool insulation boards should be prepared before using (usually designed in advance). Calculate the size of the cutting blank, the straight edge of the cutting edge should be less than 5mm, the seam is not more than 2mmm, the gap between the boards is bonded with a special tape

    Rock wool thermal insulation panels are interconnected from top to bottom and glass wool panels should be laid in order. When encountering door and window openings, they should meet relevant requirements.

    After fire-resistant non-burnable glass wool tile is inspected, check the anchorage point, flatness, and the bonding quality between the connected rock wool insulation boards. After passing the inspection, dry stone work can be performed.

    Rock wool insulation board plate requirements

    According to the standard entire format (specification: 1200X600), horizontally cross-stitched by 1/2 board length from bottom to top. From the corners of the wall, the plates are vertically staggered to ensure that the corners are straight and vertical. Yin and Yang corners are interlocked with glass wool panels. The glass wool of the corners of the door and window openings shall not be spliced, and the entire block of glass wool shall be used to cut and form the incision perpendicular to the board surface. The same insulation board shall be used to paste and fix the corners of the wall.

    System waterproof and special parts treatment

    (1) In the condition of window and door, determine the length and width of the board according to the length and width of the wall

    (2) Waterproof and moisture proof: Each glass wool board is packed in plastic bags. Before installation check the plastic bag is damaged or not. If there is damage, add a small plastic bag. Before the top of the glass wool board is not covered with stone glue, covered with a plastic cloth to prevent the rain from seeping inside the glass wool board. The corner exposed part of the glass wool board is adhered firmly by using the aluminum foil strip of the same material as the surface layer. Stone seals must be tightly sealed with silicone sealants.

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