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    Construction Scheme of Thermal Insulation rockwool pipe
    Posted by:rosewool    Date:27.Jul.2017
     Rock wool as a insulation material always used in the pipe, it has cost-effective, excellent insulation, heat insulation, sound abroption and other good properties. Rockwool pipe can be arrived the highest working temperature is 600℃.
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    The following describtion of rock wool insulation pipe construction program :

    1. First pipe rust cleaning.

    2. Rockwool pipe is cylindrical, in the construction , first used the knife saw the rockwool pipe and pull it vertically,then
    buckle in the pipeline above,tied with wire,bundles of the general interval of about 50 cm.

    3. After the rockwool pipe installed ,remember tied with moisture-proof cloth,To prevent water vapor migration back to tide.

    4. The outer protective layer can be made of aluminum or galvanized sheet thickness of 0.5mm, longitudinal seam and pipe between the metal use of special mechanical suppression semicircle lap interface for lap, and then self-tapping screws.
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