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    Rosewool Aluminum Silicate Needle Blanket
    Posted by:Yolanda     Date:25.Sep.2019
    With the rapid development of the economy, both industrial and civilian, the demand for thermal energy is increasing, and energy consumption is rising sharply. The state is striving to improve central energy supply in order to better save energy, improve energy efficiency and reduce pollution emissions. As well as cogeneration, and put forward higher requirements for the heating pipe network, the goal is to save energy and reduce emissions, protect the environment, expand the heating radius, and extend the service life. The use of better insulation materials is an important way to achieve these goals.
    Rosewool aluminum silicate needle blanket has the feature of low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, excellent heat resistance, shock resistance, excellent tensile strength, excellent sound absorption, white color, regular size, fire resistance and heat insulation.

    The aluminum silicate needle blanket is formed by a special double-sided needling process using aluminum silicate ceramic fiber filaments. After the double-sided needling process, the degree of interlacing of the fibers, the delamination resistance, the tensile strength and the flatness of the surface are greatly improved. The fiber blanket does not contain any organic binder to ensure that the ceramic fiber blanket has good manufacturability under high temperature and low temperature conditions.

    Aluminum silicate needle blanket pipe insulation construction:

    1. The density should be uniform
    2. The shape should be regular
    3. Insulation thickness and bulk density should meet design requirements

    Construction of pipe metal protective layer:

    Aluminum silicate needle blanket

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