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    Why Choose Rosewool as Ceramic Fiber Board Supplier from China
    Posted by:Yolanda     Date:24.Aug.2019
    Rosewool insulation refractory co.,ltd, as a leader manufacturer and Ceramic Fiber Board Supplier from Henan province, already export its ceramic fiber board to all over the seas, every year 100 containers almost.
    Ceramic fiber board is aluminium silicate fiberboard, a refractory material. It has good mechanical strength even after heating. Compared with fibre blanket and felt, the product is rigid and has supporting strength.

    Principle of fabrication

    The injected fibers (short, fine, easy to crush and mix) were used as raw materials of ceramic fiberboard. A certain proportion of binders and filler-grade additives were added to the mixing pool and dispersed into slurry by beater. Pump into the forming pool and mix with compressed air. The mould is put into the forming pool, and the fibre slurry is adsorbed on the mould by the principle of vacuum extraction. Precise control of adsorption time, vacuum dehydration of fiber wet material, demoulding, drying in pallet feeder drying furnace for 10-24 hours. After drying, the size of the fiberboard can be accurately controlled by a special grinder and trimmer.

    Characters and characteristics

    Ceramic fiberboard not only has good properties corresponding to scattered ceramic fibercotton, but also has hard texture, excellent toughness and strength, and excellent wind erosion resistance. It is an ideal energy-saving material for kilns, pipes and other heat preservation equipment because of its non-expanding heating, light weight, convenient construction and arbitrary shearing and bending.

    1. High compressive strength and long service life;
    2. Low thermal capacity and low thermal conductivity;
    3. Non-brittle material with good toughness.
    4. Precise size and good smoothness.
    5. Easy to cut and install, easy to construct.
    6. Excellent resistance to wind erosion;
    7. Continuous production, uniform fiber distribution, stable performance.
    Scope of application
    1. Backing insulation of kilns in cement and other building materials industries;
    2. Furnace backing insulation in petrochemical, metallurgical, ceramics and glass industries;
    3. Backing insulation of heat treatment kiln;
    4. Non-ferrous metal industry backing insulation;
    5. Insulation and insulation of backing of high temperature reaction and heating equipment

    Editor of New High Efficiency Drying Technology

    Because of its poor thermal conductivity, traditional hot air drying takes a long time, consumes too much energy and has poor drying uniformity. Microwave drying technology bypasses the problem of poor thermal conductivity, improves production efficiency, meets the requirements of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection in modern industrial production, and solves the problem of traditional ceramics. Ceramic fiberboard drying technology takes a long time, capital turnover is slow, and drying is not uniform, the specific characteristics are as follows:
    The drying process is fast and rapid, and the final moisture content can reach more than one thousandth if the deep drying is completed in a few minutes.

    Drying uniformity, good drying quality of products;

    High efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection;

    The thermal inertia is small and the instantaneity of heating is easy to control.
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