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    Physical and Chemical Property of Calcium Silicate Board
    Posted by:rosewool    Date:07.Jul.2017
    1. Excellent fire resistance, it can withstand the continuous heat load in the limited temperature.
    2. Low thermal conductivity, for the porosity of the product is more than 90%, there is no comparable adiabatic performance in the whole temperature rang.
    3. Qualitative light, the proportion strength ( compression strength/capacity) is the most high in hard insulation products.
    4. Good durability, after long-term using, there is no powder of ceramic fiber felt and obvious decrease in the adiabatic properties.
    5. Construction is convenient, It is adaptable and can be cut in other shapes with ordinary woodworking tools. It can also be firmly bonded to other components.
    6. Use safety, sanitation, non-asbestos, non-sulfur, non-chlorine and other toxic substances,without smoke and odor, it has the effect of corrosion resistance of steel.
    7. It is not afraid of water wet, the product performance is still well after drying.

    Physical \ Data Unit Company standard National standard
    Density kg/m³ 220(±10%) 170
    Rupture strength(min) MPA 0.3 0.2
    Compression strength deformation 5%(min) MPA 0.6 0.4
    Thermal conductivity (average temperature is 70℃)(max) W/m.k 0.062 0.066
    Linear shrinkage(max) 2 2
    Water content(max) 5 7.5

    Calcium silicate product packaging:
      The main raw material is made of lumpy lime, after mechanized digestion, its composition and stable performance. After finish machining, Quartz was optimized in high degree of chemical composition and distribution. The synthesis of the key technology and the selection of the international high water thermal dynamic synthesis method, which ensure the quality and stability of the synthetic materials. Before taking shaped, the slurry has added two kinds of fiber, making the strength and toughness of the finished product can guarantee the standard and the contract. The products are inspected in strict physical performance and appearance quality before packaging, which ensure the products meet the standard requirement.
    calcium silicate board,ceramic fiber felt,Rosewool Insulation

    calcium silicate board,ceramic fiber felt,Rosewool Insulation
    Calcium silicate board construction
    Key points of construction:
    1. Double layer of the product should be paid attention to the construction of the staggered-joint.
    2. If casting material is placed on the product, WP-1 water proofing agent should be used first on the surface.
    3. The sodium meta-silicate requires that modulus is greater than 2.8, and the plaster is made of 1 to 8 weight ratio of the adhesion powder BP-1 and sodium meta-silicate
    4. The construction of cement paste is less than 2.0 mm
    Other supporting products:
    1. The cement paste is made of BP-1 high temperature adhesive powder and sodium meta-silicate, which can be used for the bonding between the products and other building components.
    2. The WP-1 waterproof agent is applied to the product after construction, so as to make it easy to pour the material on its surface, and its dosage is about 0.3 kg/m2
    calcium silicate board,ceramic fiber felt,Rosewool Insulation

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