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    Posted by:rosewool    Date:07.Jul.2017
     rock wool board,rock wool,Rosewool Insulation
    Waterproof rock wool board mainly use basalt and other natural ore, etc as main raw material, by high temperature melting fiber forming, adding suitable amount of binder, curing processing and made into tubular heat preservation material. Rock wool insulating tubes has low thermal conductivity, the use of high temperature, fire non-combustible, convenient construction and high ratio of capability to price. Waterproof rock wool board is used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, water-crafts, textile and various industrial boilers and piping heat preservation, also used in the construction industry of partition wall, ceiling and external thermal insulation and sound absorption.
    The characteristics of waterproof rock wool board analysis:
    1, Appearance quality, surface smooth, and it may not be getting in the way of practical scar, stains, damaged;
    2, Combustion performance: non-combustible;
    3, Heat load on shrinkage temperature: 643 degrees;
    4, Moisture absorption: 3.9%;
    5, organic matter content: 2.9%.
    Above picture products available homes sandwich steel structure, construction is convenient, fire insulation.
    rock wool board,rock wool,Rosewool Insulation
        Rock wool board uses high-quality basalt as raw material whose melting point is above 1000 ºC and has good effects on heat insulation and sound absorption.It has good properties of fire resistance, pest proof, corrosion resistance, stable chemical property and do not contain asbestos. It is green environmental production and do no harm to human bodies .

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