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    Environmental-friendly Insulation Materials Have a Large Market around the World
    Posted by:Yolanda     Date:07.Sep.2017
    Environmental-friendly insulation materials have good resistance to rapid cooling and heating performance with low linear expansion performance. The bulk density is 100kg / m3 to 600kg / m3, with a certain seismic performance. For example: ceramic fiber blanket and board, rock wool blanket and board. There are five obvious advantages of the environmental-friendly type insulation material: save energy, reduce furnace temperature difference, improve production and quality, improve the working environment and extend the furnace life.

    rock wool board

    Application of environmental-friendly insulation materials:
    • 1.  Furnace lining
    • 2.  Furnace filling seal
    • 3.  Replacing foreign high-grade imported refractories
    • 4.  Building all - fiber furnace

    Environment-friendly Insulation Material
    Environmental-friendly insulation material will be vigorously promoted, and will promote the progress of energy saving and kiln technology, the market prospect is very attractive. So ceramic fiber blanket and rock wool board have large markets around the world.

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