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    Rock Wool Quilt — New Type Refractory Insulation Material
    Posted by:Rosewool    Date:13.Oct.2017
     New type refractory insulation material rock wool quilt is becoming more popular in the refractory insulation market.

    Rock Wool Quilt

    Rock wool quilt is a kind of rock wool product. It can be used in industrial area. Especially in the installing process of rock wool. The rock wool quilt can be filled in the gap of rock wool board and rock wool blanket, which improve the insulation effects a lot.

    Rock Wool Quilt
    Rock wool insulation and mineral wool insulation materials are becoming main materials in refractory markets. Rock wool products main categories: rock wool board, rock wool blanket and rock wool pipe according to different requirements. Rock wool products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other industries. Such as: high-temperature pipeline, tanks, equipment, wall insulation and ship hull preservation. Also used in the construction industry like wall, ceiling and internal wall insulation and sound absorption.

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