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    What are the advantages of rock wool board used in construction
    Posted by:Yolanda     Date:11.May.2019
    There are 4 advantages of rock wool board used in construction: Safety and environmental protection, good sound absorption,good heat preservation effect and good fire performance

    rock wool board for construction

    (1) Safety and environmental protection

    The rock wool board is very light in weight, small in thermal conductivity, good in elasticity, not easy to burn, rot, etc. It is very safe as a building material. The rock wool is chemically stable, with a pH of 7-8, which is neutral or weak. Alkaline, no corrosion to carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metal materials. Will not be corroded or produce mildew and bacteria. Rock wool has been identified as non-carcinogenic by international cancer research authorities.

    (2) good sound absorption

    Rock wool is an ideal sound-insulating material. A large number of elongated fibers form a porous joint structure, which determines that rock wool is an excellent sound-absorbing and noise-reducing material.

    (3) Good heat preservation effect

    Exterior wall rock wool board has slender and flexible fibers and low slag ball content. Therefore, the thermal conductivity is low and has excellent thermal insulation effect.

    (4) good fire performance

    The exterior wall rock wool board adopts natural volcanic rock and is a non-combustible building material fireproof material. It has the highest fire rating A1, which can effectively prevent the fire from spreading. At the same time, the size is very stable, it will not stretch, shrink or deform, and it is resistant to high temperature. The melting point is higher than 1000; no fumes or burning droplets are generated in a fire, and substances and gases harmful to the environment are not released.

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