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    Influence of ceramic fiber slag on thermal conductivity
    Posted by:Yolanda     Date:15.May.2019
    This text is talking about influence of ceramic fiber slag on thermal conductivity

    ceramic fiber paper

    In the existing ceramic fiber products, the slag ball content does not directly affect the thermal conductivity, but because it reduces the content of ceramic fibers per unit volume, thereby indirectly reducing the thermal insulation properties of the ceramic fiber products. This is similar to the effect of the increase in fiber diameter on the thermal conductivity, but the effect of the slag ball is smaller. The role of the slag ball is to conduct heat transfer on the one hand and radiation heat transfer on the other hand. His greater influence is the amount of fiber in the unit volume he reduces and the effect of this content on the thermal conductivity. Therefore, the importance of the slag ball lies in its relationship with the bulk density of the fiber product. That is, the more slag balls, the larger the bulk density of the fiber product, the less the fiber per unit volume, and the higher the thermal conductivity.

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