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    What Aspects of Rock Wool Insulation Materials are Widely Used
    Posted by:Yolanda     Date:31.May.2019
    What aspects of rock wool insulation materials are widely used? With the advantages of fire prevention, anti-noise and anti-stress, rock wool is widely used in modern building, factory and houses.
    This material of rock wool has very obvious advantages,especially in the effect of fire prevention. Therefore, modern buildings often use this material in order to prevent fires, so in which industries rock wool is most used.


    Because the material of rock wool board has very good thermal insulation effect, such rock wool board is laid on the outer wall of many buildings, which can well guarantee the indoor temperature, and it plays a role in the diffusion of heat energy. In addition, because of its good anti-noise effect, it is often used in many modern buildings. The material itself is derived from rock, so the life is very long, and it can protect the outer walls of many buildings. 

    Of course, because of the good anti-stress effect, it is also very good in waterproofing, so it is very common as a roof in many industries, not only in many factories, but also in many houses. It is also often seen.

    In addition, in many factory buildings, some industries must add this material, because the effect of fire prevention is very good, so rock wool board in these enterprises, once encountered a fire, can be well prevented The spread of the fire has guaranteed the safety of the people.

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