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    Construction Steps of Special Insulating Nails for Rock Wool
    Posted by:Yolanda     Date:27.May.2019
     The following is the construction steps of special insulating nails for rock wool: Location, borehole drilling, meshing, implatation, knock in:


    1. Location: After the insulation board is pasted on the wall, the anchorage point is determined.
    2. Borehole drilling: through the in-place insulation board, drill holes according to the specified size (note: the actual depth of the wall should be more than 7CM);
    3. Meshing: The rod body of the heat preservation nail passes through the heat preservation plate, so that the four ribs of the heat preservation nail mesh with the heat preservation plate;
    4. Implantation: insert the nail pipe directly into the drilled nail hole until the insulating plate is close to the insulating plate.
    5. Knock in: Knock the matching plastic nails into the nail pipe with a hammer (the plastic nails should be parallel to the insulation board).

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