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  • Glass Wool Sliver
  • Glass Wool Sliver
  • Glass Wool Sliver
  • Glass Wool Sliver
  • Glass Wool Sliver
Glass Wool Sliver
Density: 30-150 kg/m³
Raw materials: basalt
Thickness: 25-100 mm
Asbestos: 100% Non Asbestos
Function: Thermal insulation, Sound absorption
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Technical Data
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Insulation glass wool sliver is made by adopting unique centrifugal technology and adding environmental adhesives of thermosetting resins-based into molten glass fibrosis. It is a kind of elastic glass fiber product made of glass fiber with diameter of only a few microns, and we can also choose moisture-proof facing on-line compound according to customers' requirements. It can work well in the environmental temperature range from -4--454 at exposure or close status.

Good performance of thermal insulation, mechanical, fire prevention.
High acidity has better chemical stability and fiber durability.
Low cost and high temperature resistance. 
Good characteristics of sound absorption.
Performance Indicators
Shot content ( Particle diameter ≥0.25mm)


≤ 12.0 %

The average diameter of fiber

≤7.0 μm

Density Tolerance

± 15%

Thermal Conductivity ( average temperature 70℃±52℃),W/(m/K)


≤ 0.044

Thermal load contraction temperature (more than 60kg/m3)


≤ 600 ℃



Combustion performance
Not burning (Class A)


Organic content

≤ 4.0%

It is widely used in varies of high-temperature pipe, tank and equipment insulation of the domain of oil, chemical, metal and so on. Also can be used in thermal insulation of boats and the insulation and sound absorption of the buildings wall and ceiling.
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