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    Rosewool New Start after Spring Festival
    Rosewool Insulation Refractory Co.Ltd has started work nearly half of one month, and Rosewool has received 2 orders of rock wool products. This is a good start for Rosewool and her customers.
    Ceramic Fiber Blanket Order from Malaysia
    Rosewool has enough stocks though the Spring Festival comes soon. February 7th, the sale manager of Rosewool, Anna, got an order from Malaysia, and the main product is ceramic fiber blanket.
    The Fire Disaster Gives A Great Warning Sign to Thermal Insulation Industry
    On February 1, 2018, a serious fire broke out in an office building in Zhengzhou, causing serious property losses. The occurrence of this accident alert us, the quality of refractory materials should be put in an very important position.
    Rosewool’s Stock for Everyone Who Needs the Rock Wool Product
    During the festival, Rosewool still offer enough rock wool and other thermal insulation products for customers,because Rosewool has enough rock wool stocks.
    Rosewool Discuss Ceramic Fiber Module and Sandwich Panel Rock Wool in Daily Meeting
    January 11th, in Rosewool’s daily meeting, all the clients of foreign trade department got together to discuss how to deal the problems about ceramic fiber module and sandwich panel rock wool.
    New Orders of Rosewool 2018: Calcium Silicate Pipe and Ceramic Fiber Module
    January is a good start to Rosewool Thermal Insulation Co., Ltd. In the first 8 days of January, Rosewool has got 3 order. Except Nicole, our excellent sale manage Anna and Nelly also get thermal insulation materials orders from the customer. The products are calcium silicate pipe and ceramic fiber module.
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