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    • Calcium Silicate Board
    • Rock Wool Board
    • Glass Wool Blanket
    • Ceramic Fiber Blanket
    Rosewool Rock Wool Board for Malaysia Cement Plant Project
    On July, Rosewool got an order from Malaysia. The main product of this order is rock wool board, and are used for the cement plant project reconstruction
    The Ceramic Fiber Blanket order of Rosewool
    Recently, Eric, the sale manager of Rosewool, sold the ceramic fiber blanket to Indonesian customer. According to the customer’s need, Rosewool recommend the standard type ceramic fiber blanket to him
    The Reorder of Rock Wool Sandwich Panel from Malaysia
    Malaysia customer reorder rock wool sandwich panel from Rosewool this year
    Why rock wool and other insulation material have a higher price
    Recently, the sale manager of Rosewool got the feedback from customer frequently: why rock wool and other insulation material have a higher price?
    Nigeria Customer Come to Rosewool to Visit Rock Wool Board Stock
    Yesterday, the customer from Nigeria come to Rosewool to visit rock wool board stock and test Rosewool rock wool products.This business is entrusted by Shinoma International Engineering
    Visit Rosewool’s Calcium Silicate Board Factory
    Recently, the customer of Rosewool orders calcium silicate boards, the professional sale manager Leslie goes to Rosewool’s calcium silicate board factory to inspect the production of calcium silicate board, and take photos of the products and send the photos to customers to make sure the quality and the producing time limit.
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