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    The First Order of Rosewool in 2018
    January 3rd, the sale manager Nicole of Rosewool got the first order of 2018 in Rosewool Insulation Refractory Co. Ltd. This is also a good start for Rosewool in 2018.
    Rosewool Team Took Part in Outdoor Training
    December 5th, all staffs of Rosewool came to Huanghe River to take part in the outdoor training, they are separated in different groups to compete with each other. In the competition, the Rosewool’s staffs got both physical training and the spirit of team cooperation.
    The Order of Ceramic Fiber Paper from Bangladesh
    The first day of December, the sale manager Anna of Rosewool got an order of ceramic fiber paper from Bangladesh.
    Rosewool’s Quick Order of Rock Wool Board
    November is the harvest season for Rosewool. November 28th, the sale manager Nicole from Rosewool get a rock wool board order again.
    Latest Order of Glass Wool from Rosewool
    November 24th, the Rosewool’s sale manager Nicole get an order from Singapore. Through careful discussion and patient products description, the customer makes the order quickly.
    Rock Wool Order and Mounting Recommendation
    November 21st, the sale manager Anna from Rosewool insulation Refractory Co.Ltd get the order of rock wool insulation board again. Rosewool gives the customer some rock wool mounting recommendation
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