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    Why Rosewool doesn't Recommend the Cheapest Insulation Refractory Material to You
    Is choosing the cheapest insulation material product the most sensible choice? It is useless and waste money. The most important thing is wasting your time and energy. Rosewool have the confidence to provide customers with better and more valuable services
    Rosewool Rock Wool Board Exported to Ecuador Again
    Rosewool’ sale managerAnna served the customer from Ecuador made the rock wool board again. This is not Rosewool first time supplying rock wool board to Ecuador.
    Rosewool Rock Wool Board Used in Cement Plant Pipe Insulation
    The following pictures shows the customer of Rosewool use rock wool board on cement plant pipe insulation
    Rosewool Exported to Italy Again
    Recently, Rosewool got an inquiry from Italy, the wanting products are ceramic fiber board and ceramic fiber blanket.
    CERI Company Come to Rosewool to Examine Cargo
    Last week, the employees from CERI company went to Rosewool’s factory to examine their ceramic fiber blankets cargo.
    Rosewool Rock Wool Board Export to South America
    Rock wool board is made from basalt and other natural ores by melting into fibers at high temperature, adding appropriate binder and solidifying. Nowadays, Rosewool exported rock wool board to South America.
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