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    • Rock Wool Board
    • Glass Wool Blanket
    • Ceramic Fiber Blanket
    Rock Wool Board Exported to Vietnam
    Recently, the sale manager of Rosewool, Nelly, exported rock wool board to Vietnam. The customer of Vietnam uses rock wool board for warehouse.
    Ceramic Fiber Block in Construction
    As a kind of refractory material, ceramic fiber block is widely used in industrial furnace, pipe and other high heat environment. The following pictures showed the ceramic fiber block in construction
    Glass Wool Order from Ecuador
    Recently, Rosewool got an order from Ecuador, the customer need glass wool as thermal insulation materials and parts of the glass wool is for local business
    Rock Wool Board Order from Australia
    At the end of September, Rosewool got an rock wool board order from Australia customer again. This business is similar with the last thermal insulation material order from Australia.
    Rock Wool Board for Pakistan Cement Project
    The customer Pakistan KOHAN Cement Company, purchase a big quantity of rock wool board from Rosewool for cement project
    Rock Wool Board Order for Building and Construction
    Rock wool board not only can be used in industry process, but also in building field. Rock wool board has the feature of high strength, thermal insulation, sound insulation and water proof
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