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    Rosewool Glass Wool to Sri Lanka
    Recently, Rosewool exported a quantity of glass wool to Sri Lanka. This is the first time for Rosewool to cooperate with the Sri Lanka customer.
    Rosewool Win Big Project of Rock Wool Board from Argentina
    Early this month, Rosewool insulation win big project from Argentina about rock wool board,as sound insulation purpose.
    Congratulations Export Rock Wool Pipe with Aluminum Foil to Sri Lanka
    Rosewool exports rock wool pipe with aluminium foil to Sri Lanka, and the Sri Lanka customer give 10 containers as a trial order, will be used in power and chemistry industry.
    New Glass Wool Order to Hong Kong and Australia
    In July, Rosewool got the thermal insulation material orders from all over the world, the glass wool orders from Hong Kong and Australia are the mainly orders in July.
    Congratulations Rosewool Export Calcium Silicate Pipe Cover to UAE
    Rosewool export calcium silicate pipe cover to UAE customer for thermal insulation
    Congratulation Rosewool Win Malaysia Tube Insulation Rock Wool Pipe Project
    Great thanks for Malaysia customer's trust, Rosewool got their project for heat insulation about rock wool pipe cover, the Malaysia customer used for tubes insulation.
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